Planet Fitness Salt Lake City

Planet Fitness Salt Lake City

175E, 400S, #100, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111


Opening Times: Mon – Thu: 500-2300, Fri: 500-2100, Sat and Sun: 700-1900

Cost: One free pass available here

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Planet Fitness Salt Lake City

Location and Entry

This large club is situated in the centre of downtown Salt Lake City. It is typical of Planet Fitness clubs all over the USA, ie very easy to get into once with a free pass!


Planet Fitness Salt Lake City is large, clean and well ventilated. All the equipment is in good condition and there are plenty of cardio machines as well as resistance machines, along with a 30 minute workout zone. There is also a Synergy area where you can find pull-up bars, overhead bars, resistance bands, skipping ropes, Swiss balls, kettle bells, battle ropes, TRX’s and medicine balls.

The 30 minute workout zone area is a mixture of resistance machines and stepboard-like platforms where you can alternate cardio with weight training, spending a minute on each station, rather like a self-directed circuit class.

TRX Training
TRX Training


The main limitation to this club is that free weights only go up to 60lbs (barbells), 75lbs (dumbbells) and the more standard 45lbs (discs). There are no adjustable barbells other than those attached to Smith machines, meaning heavier lifters wanting free weights might be better off looking for a different gym. Likewise, other than the Synergy apparatus, there are no overhead bars for pull ups, squat racks, or benches with adjustable bars.

Note also that some of the resistance machines are located around the side of the room, in front of cardio machines, instead of being with the rest of the weights/resistance equipment.


On the plus side, there is large number and range of cardio machine here, including treadmills, bikes, stair-climbers, arc trainers and ellipticals. There is also a lot of floorspace in this particular club, at the back behind the free-weights.


Planet Fitness Salt Lake City is an excellent and well-equipped gym if you do not require heavy weights; very easy to get into and you can use any number of clubs across the country; each will allow one free pass every ninety days.

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Planet Fitness Salt Lake City

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