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Peak Fitness G Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Peak Fitness G Tower

Peak Fitness G Tower, Kuala Lumpur

199, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50450

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:30 -23:00, Sat and Sun: 8:00 – 20:00

Cost: RM 55 a day or RM 149 a week casual rate. Otherwise RM 199 with a 12 month contract, which includes access to their sister clubs in KL.


Peak Fitness G Tower is very conveniently located next to Ampang Park metro station, which is just a few minutes walk (or one metro stop) from KLCC. From the station, head left at the top of the escalator so you end up on the correct side of the main road. From here you’ll need to walk around to the left of the clearly labelled G Tower.

Peak Fitness G Tower

Enter the building signposted on your right and take the lift up to floor seven. The lift is at the back of the main entrance area, behind a very nice looking coffee shop (for afterwards!). You’ll need the lifts to the left – the rest are guarded by security.


KL isn’t short of attractive top of the range gyms, and Peak Fitness G Tower is certainly no exception. I am feeling truly spoilt here for gym facilities; KL certainly has some of the best gyms I’ve found in Asia. After securing a three-day free pass on their website I went in to check out the facilities. Note, I’m not sure this pass is normally offered to people who don’t live or work here, so good luck!

After taking some personal details, staff issued me with two free towels and showed me around the 32000 square foot club, which she informed me was bought in January 2018.

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The facilities here are broadly divided into a cardio area, free weights and resistance areas, medium-sized floor space and three studios. These are called Energy, Holistic and Cycling respectively, and there’s also a very appealing looking swimming pool outside on this floor. The water was a little chilly, but great to cool off in after a good workout! You’ll also find single sex saunas in each changing room – for warming up again after going in the swimming pool! I used the sauna a couple of times and found it really relaxing.

All the facilities here look new and are in excellent condition. I saw staff cleaning regularly and the changing rooms were also in superb condition.

Note, you will need to take your own padlock for the lockers here. Water refills are provided free of charge throughout the club.

TRX Training TRX Training


Even though the gym is very modern, the weights are measured in pounds – first time I’ve seen this here! They go up to a pretty generous 100lbs dumbbells (45kg) and 110lbs fixed weights barbells (50kg). There are also a number of adjustable barbells.

Also in the free weights area, you’ll find a cable crossover machine with pull up bars, a squat rack, two Smith machines, two bench presses (one flat and one inclined), a preacher curl station and two sets of pull up bars with narrow cables attached. Additionally there’s an assisted pull-ups machine with the rest of the resistance equipment, along with a lat pulldown cable.

You’ll also find a loadable hack squat/dead lift machine, a hip extension bench and three abs benches.

Peak Fitness G Tower also has a large range of resistance equipment for both upper and lower body. Many of these machines are of the Hoist variety. If you’ve never used these before, bear in mind that they move as you perform the exercise – and I don’t just mean the part you are intending to move, it could be the part you’re sitting on too. This could come as a bit of a surprise if you’re not expecting it! Enjoy.

Functional Training

Peak Fitness G Tower has a modern, dedicated functional training area. This medium sized area contains ViPRs, Plyoboxes, Swiss balls, step boards, power balls up to 14kg and a large range of kettlebells up to 24kg, all neatly arranged and easy to find.

You’ll also find a BOSU, TRX, trampet, some good quality mats and yoga mats. The whole area is fully matted too.

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Studios and Classes

These modern studios are a pleasure to use and I maxed out on three lunchtime classes and an evening class here. Power Step was a simple but fun choreographed class with a friendly instructor. The enthusiastic teacher was very welcoming and taught well. I also really enjoyed Ronicia’s Power Dance class – she really energised the class with her personality and music. There was a great atmosphere in the class and she inspired the class who cheered at various points. It’s great to see creative instructors in action – freestyle classes are alive and kicking ass here!

Likewise, both Body Pump and Body Balance were professionally taught and enjoyable.

There are currently 18 classes per week in the Energy Studio, 11 in the Holistic Studio and 6 in the Cycling studio. Last but not least, you’ll find an aqua class in the swimming pool.

I can’t fault the studio facilities here, nor any of the instructors – I really enjoyed every class I did.


Although this club doesn’t have the biggest cardio section I’ve found in KL, it probably has one of the best ranges of equipment, making it one of my favourites for cardio. (I’ve avoided peak times here, so range beats number, in my opinion!) I found 13 treadmills, six crosstrainers, five recumbent bikes, three upright bikes, two steppers, two rowers, two curved treadmills, an airbike and two Ski-Erg machines – something I’ve only seen recently in gyms. From the video I’ve linked to, Ski-Erg looks to be a great all over body workout, especially upper body!

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This excellent club was one of my favourites in KL, perhaps as I avoided peak times and managed to get on all the equipment I wanted to use! It’s not quite as big as some of the other chains, in terms of studio sizes, number of classes and its functional training area, although it still has as a good a range of equipment as all the other big chains I went to. The classes were also varied and included a good mix of Les Mills and freestyle. One notable advantage here is the lovely swimming pool – you’ll have to move fast though as it’s not very warm! Also the location is super-close to a metro station and only 5 minutes walk from the popular KLCC area.

To me, this club had a more personal feel to it than some of the big chains, and somehow I felt more at home here. This place really won me over with the awesome classes – thank you Peak Fitness G Tower!

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Peak Fitness G Tower, Kuala Lumpur

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