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Pai Fitness Home Thailand

Pai Fitness Home Thailand

Pai Fitness Home Thailand

Wednesday Market, 58130 Amphoe Pai

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Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00, 7 days per week

Cost: 50 baht per workout


Greetings from Pai! And what a cute little town it is too. More attractive than the big cities and yet, it still has a gym! Just the one though, at least this is all I’ve seen so far.

The gym is located just over 1km south of town. Though if you stay at Jikko Harem like I did, it’s just around the corner. Either way, it’s a pleasant walk and warm up. Not that you’ll need very long to warm up here!


The club is fairly small, but has a good mix of cardio, weights and floorspace. Downstairs is the main gym area, whilst upstairs is a yoga room with floorspace, including three yoga mats, a couple of lightweight kettlebells, two small and rather deflated Swiss balls, a skipping rope and a Schwinn bike. There’s a separate room with a table tennis table.

Although there is no aircon, this was not an issue when I trained at 8am – it was only 19 degrees outside! There are several fans around the gym, though I’d recommend training early when it’s coolest.

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Cardio equipment is on the ground floor and consists of 3 treadmills, 3 crosstrainers and 3 upright bikes. There is also a Schwinn bike here, as well as upstairs.


Dumbbells go from 2kg – 50kg in 2kg increments. There is a full set of weights which were tidily racked. Whilst there were no fixed weight barbells, you will find a few adjustable ones, including on a squat rack and a Smith machine. The squat rack also doubles up as pull-up bars, with a handy stool next to it. Just as well too as they higher than most – good news for tall people!

There are several benches for use, both flat and inclined, including an inclined abs bench. You’ll also find a few resistance machines, namely an inclined leg press, a leg curl/leg extension in one and a bicep curler. There’s also a 4 part pulley station for tricep and lat work.

Summary – Pai Fitness

Pai Fitness is a great little gym at a bargain price. You get a free towel to use upon arrival (nothing fancy but it’s only for mopping up sweat, right!). I’d recommend avoiding peak times as it’s a pretty small facility, but at 8am there were only 3 other people working out which was perfect.

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Pai Fitness Home Thailand

4 thoughts on “Pai Fitness Home Thailand

  1. I don’t really go to the gym much when on holiday but good to know there is a cute little one with all you need for a good workout in Pai.

  2. Ahhh free sweat towel, what a thoughtful touch! I love the concept of this blog, very cool niche. But when I read the no aircon thing I nearly died, I am NOT a morning person, so this one might not be for me!

    1. Haha! Thank you for the feedback Kelly. This is one of the coolest parts of Thailand (far up North) so you might be ok late morning or in the evening too – it’s open until 9pm which isn’t bad for a small town. 🙂

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