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Gyms in Quito


Gyms in Quito

Hey and welcome to my page on gyms in Quito! I made it to three gyms here, two of which I used and have written full reviews of. For full info on these, please click on the individual links. Also check out Lift Gym below which I was able to visit briefly in order to write this.

1. McKenzie’s Fitness Studio – $7 (or $5 after I negotiated!)

McKenzies GymMcKenzie’s Gym and Fitness Studio is a gym with a difference. Two in fact. Firstly it’s open on a Sunday which is unusual here. Secondly, they serve chopped fruit as you train! At $7 it’s not the cheapest around, but it’s very well-equipped with dumbbells up to 100lbs and weights generally. You’ll also find a good range of cardio equipment and a dedicated functional training area.

2. Energy Xtreme Gym Fitness Center – $4

Energy Xtreme Fitness Quito

Energy Xtreme Gym comes in at a very reasonable $4, which is the cheapest gym I found here. The gym is composed of a large number of small rooms, making it hard to navigate for first timers, and feels as though you’re walking around a large house! That said, I consider it to be well-equipped and you’ll find a central studio too. It’s a complete mix of old and new equipment here. I found the staff to be very friendly and welcoming.

Personally I would pay $5 to useMcKenzie’s Gym, in favour of $4 at Energy Xtreme, but either are well-equipped enough for most people to have a good workout.

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3. Lift Gym

Av. Gral Ignacio de Veintimilla, Quito
Opening times: Mon – Fri: 0600-2200, Sat: 0900 – 1500, Sun: 1000 – 1400
Cost: $6 per use.

Location and Entry

Note, the entrance is on this street, not on the street to the east of it, as Google maps sort of suggests at the time of writing.

Lift Gym is the second gym I found in the area which is open on Sunday!

Due to time constraints, I merely looked around this gym and did not use it. Of the three gyms in Quito, I would say this has the best facilities in a nice large open plan gym, with a second floor upstairs. Why didn’t I use it? It’s $2 more than Energy Xtreme up the road and I’m still in tight-backpacker mode. Also, when I looked around it at 7:00am, I found it was pretty busy, and not being very sociable first thing I wanted a quieter workout.


You’ll find a wide range of cardio and resistance machines as well as free weights, and plenty of floor space upstairs for functional training. Staff were friendly and professional when they showed me around and told me there is a sauna there as well! I also saw a studio here.

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Gyms in Quito

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