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Gyms In Antigua

Gyms in Antigua

Gyms in Antigua

Welcome to my page on Gyms in Antigua! I hope you’re enjoying the cooler climate up here at over 1500m above sea level. It was a a little cool for me, but on the bright side, it was an ideal workout temperature in May when I visited.

Please click on the following gyms in Antigua which I used, to see full reviews of each.

Antiguas Gym

Scandinavia Gym

La Fábrica

Other Gyms in Antigua

Gimnasio U.F.S.

1a Avenida Nte, Antigua

Apparently located less than a block away from La Fábrica, I went to check it out but could see no evidence of its existence. According to Google at the time of writing, this gym was stated as being shut on Saturdays and Sundays. So, this might explain why I couldn’t locate it on a Saturday afternoon. (All buildings look quite similar in Antigua, with big wooden doors that don’t allow you to see what’s behind them!)

I concluded that any gym that shuts two days a week probably wasn’t going to be my thing and didn’t return…

Since publishing this, it appears that Gimnasio U.F.S. has permanently closed.

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Which Gym in Antigua?

For me, the real contest of gyms in Antigua was between Antiguas Gym and Scandinavia Gym, with little to separate them. They are only a couple of blocks away from each other, in the southwest part of the centre.

La Fábrica was furthest from my accommodation, in the northeast part of the centre, with slightly less appealing facilities.

Overall, Scandinavia Gym is very good value for one session, and the same price as Antiguas Gym up the road which is a bit smaller. Scandinavia Gym has more floor space, is easier to navigate and probably has a greater range of equipment.

However, Antiguas Gym is notably cheaper if you’re staying a week or so, at only Q.110. I found it had everything I needed. Personally I preferred it as it had a bit more character and a less clinical feel to it than Scandinavian. Both gyms are good and just a few minutes walk apart – worth asking to look around both before deciding if you’re planning to spend long in Antigua.

If you only intend to work out once I’d recommend coming here – it’s the same price at each for a one day pass. However I would say Antiguas Gym has more character to it and after I’d been to each of these two gyms once, it was Antiguas that I chose to join for the week.

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Gyms In Antigua

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