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Gyms in Motueka

Gyms in Motueka

Gyms In Motueka

Hey and welcome to Mot! I loved this part of NZ, because apart from being the sunniest part of the South Island during my time in NZ, I also got to stay with one of my best school-friends who I hadn’t seen in over a decade! Oh and Abel Tasman wasn’t bad either… But for now, it’s time to check out the gyms in Motueka.

1. Motueka Recreation Centre – Gyms in Motueka

Old Wharf Rd, Motueka


Opening times: Mon – Thu 900-2100, Fri: 900 – 2000, Sat: 900-1600
Members have 24/7 access.

Cost for casual use: $8 or $10 depending on who is on reception!


The gym is part of a significant sports centre, located around 2km south of town – a twenty minute walk – or an extended warm up / jog. However, it was worth it.


The facilities are very good, although staff varied in whether they’d offer any form of backpacker discount. When I first walked down to enquire, I was told they wouldn’t, but when I returned to actually use it, it was a different receptionist and she kindly agreed to give me the student discount of $2 off.

The gym is medium sized with the usual range of equipment, well laid-out and spacious. I used it mid-morning and it was fairly quiet. There was effective air-conditioning which worked effectively when I was there. All in all, pretty good for the price.

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2. The Gym

275 High St, Motueka 7120

I also found a very central gym in Motueka, called “The Gym”, on Google at the time of writing.

However, this appeared to be in the process of changing management and its name. Although the opening times were stated on door, it was always locked when I passed it, and despite knocking (and banging!) on the door a few times, no-one ever answered. I would suggest looking here if you are staying centrally in case they were still setting up when I visited.

These gyms in Motueka are the only two I found this time -have you seen others? Let me know!

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Gyms in Motueka

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