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Luna Gym and Yoga, Saigon

Luna Gym Saigon

Luna Gym and Yoga, Saigon

117 Bùi Viện, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 700000


Opening Hours: 700 – 2200, 7 days a week

Cost: 75k dong for one day, 250k for one week.


Luna Gym is located in Benh Thanh, a popular area of Ho Chi Minh, known for its budget accommodation. It is easy to spot from the main street; enter and go up the stairs to reception. You’ll be charged 75k dong, which is a reasonable and typical price for the area. After paying continue up another floor to the well-signposted gym – the building is not particularly big so you can’t miss it!

There are some lockers in here, which looked to be key operated. I didn’t use them but if you want to, check with reception as no keys were visible.


This small to medium-sized gym is located over two floors. You’ll enter on the main floor which contains the majority of equipment, apart from the cardio machines and some functional training equipment. You’ll find this downstairs in a separate area, along with some floor space.

Facilities are semi-modern and reasonably attractive. You’ll even have access to a free towel – help yourself, they are near what looks like a bar area(!) in the main gym.

The gym has a couple of aircon station on one side, along with several overhead fans, making the workout a bearable temperature. I will admit I would have preferred these to have been cranked up though!

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Dumbbell freeweights go up to 30kg which may be a little light for more heavyweight trainers. You’ll also find cable crossovers, pull-up bars, a lat pulldown, squat rack (with more pull-up bars) and a bench pres rack.

There are a few resistance machines too which also include a bench press, leg curl and leg extension. You’ll find an inclined abs bench and hip extension bench and a fair number of disc weights which might make up for the dumbbells!

Functional Training

Although there is a Swiss ball, a foam roller and some yoga mats in the main gym, the bulk of the functional training area is located downstairs, although it’s just signposted as treadmills! Thankfully I investigated and found a whole lot more.

This fairly small room hosts two punch bags, 3 sets of boxing gloves and some yoga mats.


The cardio equipment is located downstairs in the functional training room and consists of 2 Spin bikes, a crosstrainer, and as promised on the sign pointing this way, 2 treadmills.

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All in all, Luna Gym is good value for money at only 75k dong. I have spotted other gyms at a similar price though, so I’ll be checking those out shortly to see how they compare – watch this space!

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Luna Gym and Yoga, Saigon

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