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Loka Gym Lombok

Loka Gym Mataram

Loka Gym Lombok

Jl Raya Kuta, 83573, Lombok


Opening Hours: 7:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week
Cost: IDR 100k a go casual (gym) or 150k (class).
3 day gym pass is 270k, 5 day gym pass = 420k
Other rates are available for longer periods / incl / excl classes.


Loka Gym Lombok is located close to the centre, about an 8 minute walk north of the main intersection where Fresh Market is. It’s clearly labelled on Google Maps and there’s a big sign outside it. You won’t see the gym from the street, but if you venture into the cafe (where the sign is) and walk straight through it, you’ll find the gym round the back to the left. If there’s no-one obvious to pay, speak to the friendly cafe staff.


This modern gym in Lombok looks pretty cool! Friendly Aussie owner Matty talked about how he developed it over an 18 month period and opened it around 18 months ago. This small to medium-size open-plan gym specialises in functional training. The main focus of classes are HIIT, Strength and Muay Thai Boxing.

It’s currently open air and was a comfortable temperature when I attended late morning. (Matty talks of his plans to expand the gym in future and air-condition it) Everything in the gym looked new, clean and well-looked after. The layout was well-thought out with everything in its place. There’s a huge range of gym toys here – I kept discovering new ones as I went through my workout!

As a bonus, the gym has speakers where you can plug in your own music (and yes they provide the crucial lead for you to wire up your iPod!). As the only person there when I arrived Sunday morning, anyone within earshot was treated to my selection of tunes. You’re welcome! 😀

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Dumbbell free-weights go up to 24kg and you’ll find several adjustable barbells here too in different shapes. So, you can make up your own weights. One of these is on a squat rack, and there are a few benches around for other free weight work. You’ll also see a hip extension bench.

Note there’s nothing here in terms of the usual pin-operated resistance machines. The focus is on functional and there’s lots of bodyweight stuff you can do instead:

Functional Training

So, this is where it’s at! As well as all the typical gym toys, you’ll find this Lombok gym has a few more interesting bits and pieces which I thought I’d try out. The first was a climbing rope. I didn’t get very far up it as I’m a novice and I couldn’t master gripping with my feet(!) but it was fun to try. The second highlight (marginally more successful!) was trying tricep dips on some rings suspended by ropes!

Other interesting obstacles included large tyres, mini-hurdles, cones and resistance loops.

You’ll also find Swiss balls, plyoboxes, a TRX, pull-up bars and skipping ropes, along with more standard gym toys. I found kettlebells up to 24kg and medicine balls up to 10kg.

There’s a significant selection of boxing stuff here too. I found two large hanging punchbags as well as a speed bag, some wraps and a number of sets of gloves and pads.

You’ll see a strip of AstroTurf on which you can lie. I didn’t see full length mats, but you’ll find knee-rest style mats, or lie your towel on the AstroTurf or semi-soft floor.

Last but not least, I found a couple of wobble-boards tucked away,along with an abs roller, foam rollers and press up bars.

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In contrast to the absence of weights machines, there’s a fair number of cardio machines here, neatly stacked up against the wall when not in use (but easy to get down). I found two Spin bikes, one air bike, one standard rower and one air rower.


At the present time, there are 14 classes a week here, mostly held on weekdays. Six of these are HIIT classes and the rest are made up of Strength and Conditioning, Muay Thai and Surf Strength Training.

Loka Lombok Class timetable
Class Timetable

Summary of Loka Gym Lombok

I really liked this modern gym with a difference. You’ll feel at home here if you enjoy functional training, free weights, rowing or cycling (though bear in mind the dumbbells only go up to 24kg). There’s a good number of classes too, which the gym is well set out for.

As this is my first gym in Lombok and indeed Indonesia, I’m not familiar yet with “normal” pricing. Loka Gym Lombok seems a little pricy at 100k, but then again this is an island AND it’s the only gym I found in Kuta. Compared to Western rates, it’s certainly cheap, but compared to other Asian countries I’ve visited lately it’s a little more expensive. Given the lovely modern facilities though, it’s a pleasure to use especially if you can stick your own tunes on – I’d happily return!

*Bear in mind that when classes are on, the gym is not available for general use as the classes are held there.

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Loka Gym Lombok

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