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La Fábrica Gym Antigua

La Fabrica Gym

La Fábrica Gym Antigua

1a Avenida Nte, Antigua.

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Opening times: 5:00-21:00, Sat: 7:00-15:00, Sun: 9:00-13:00

Cost: one day is Q.40 and one week is Q.100.


Having spotted this gym in close proximity to another towards the East of the town centre, I went to investigate. I found La Fábrica Gym Antigua on 1a Avenida Nte with ease and went in to look around.


The gym looked a little smaller than the other two I used in Antigua and the weights equipment looked older and a little tattier than the others. However it was all functional.

The main downside to the gym for me was the absence of a dedicated lateral pulldown machine. You could create one on the pulleys but this was very busy, even at 930am on a Wednesday. Basically everyone wanted to use it. The gym was clearly popular with a good vibe and atmosphere and I felt very welcome there.


It has a good range of both cardio equipment including rowing machines, weights and floorspace and the friendly staff showed me around.

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There is a studio upstairs (which is in much better condition than the gym) hosting classes, similar in number to the other gyms in Antigua. These include Step, Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Spinning, Boxing, Calisthenics, Conditioning and Aerobics. They also offer a seniors program.

Into Crossfit?

La Fábrica Gym Antigua claims to be the only gym in Antigua with a certified Crossfit instructor and crossfit equipment!

The Step Class!

I used the gym once, purely as I was lured in by the appeal of doing a step class – a long-term addiction of mine. I’d done a class the previous day at Antiguas Gym and the instructor, Luis, had informed me he’s teach a more advanced class here today. I couldn’t resist. The step class was excellent with a good variety of choreography. Competent steppers would not be bored, and nor should you be put off by the language barrier if you don’t speak Spanish – Luis taught purely with visual cues and informed me the class is usually full.

Due to the disruptive eruption of Volcan Fuego earlier that week, the class was merely busy, as opposed to full, when I attended and I was more than happy to help make up the numbers! Note that the step-boards here are a little shorter in length than the standard size I’ve encountered worldwide. However it was very easy to get used to.

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The daily rate at La Fábrica Gym Antigua is slightly higher than both the other gyms I used. However, the weekly rate is slightly less, making it a viable option for this length of stay, or indeed if you are based that side of town. It had everything most people would want, but I certainly wouldn’t pay extra to use it, especially as I was staying closer to the other two.

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La Fábrica Gym Antigua

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