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Hoang Dung Fitness & Kick Boxing Center

Hoang Dung Fitness Hoi An

Hoang Dung Fitness & Kick Boxing Center

22 Phan Bá Phiến, Tân An, 563800, Hoi An


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 10:00 and 14:00 – 22:00, Sun: 5:00 – 10:00

Cost: 30k per day or 300k per month


Hoang Dung Fitness and Kick Boxing Center is located to the north of Hoi An, around 15 – 20 minutes walk from the old town. It’s very close to Toan Tuan Fitness, just a couple of hundred metres away. You’ll spot it easily from the street as it’s correctly labelled on Google maps and the entrance is easily visible.


I’ve used better! BUT, as a large budget gym near the centre of a touristy town, this place has a lot to offer, considering the ultra-low price AND it’s the cheapest gym I found in Hoi An. Hoang Dung Fitness has a large open plan gym which is well laid out, in addition to a large studio and a separate boxing / floorwork area. There is (unsurprisingly) no aircon though and I found even the overhead fans were of limited effectiveness. I trained at 9am when it was already scorching hot outside though – there’s a good reason this place opens at 5:00am! Take a lot of water with you and a towel for mopping up the sweat that’ll be pouring off you.

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You’ll a large number of dumbbell freeweights up to 40kg. Most but not all are labelled and many are untidily scattered around the floor – good luck! There are also a number of adjustable barbells.

The club has a large amount of both upper and lower body resistance equipment, most of which was usable although there were some less than smooth cables around. You’ll find a good number of duplicates of equipment though – I found a record THREE lat pulldowns as well as more bench press stations than I can imagine would be used in one hit. They like bench pressing here!

There’s one joint squat and Smith machine combined, and two inclined leg presses as well as flat ones.

You’ll also find a lot of inclined abs benches (at least 4 as I recall!), a hip extension bench and an assisted pull-ups machine with a rather dodgy cable.


The club has excellent range of cardio equipment, offering more variety than most of the modern gyms. It is all pretty dated though. But given the range, there’s a good chance a fair amount of it will work. You’ll find ten treadmills, two upright bikes, two (older) Spin bikes, two crosstrainers, one rower (a fairly rare sight!) and five vibrating machines.

Functional Training

This large facility is kickboxing-oriented, and as a result has a dedicated area for this and any other floorwork you want to do. You’ll see several large punch bags, an array of gloves, pads, battleropes and a tyre. The whole area is fully matted too.

Additionally there’s a small room at the back with little in it – ideal for floor space, set apart from the rest of the gym.


There is a huge attractive studio here, although I’m sadly unaware of what the class timetable is!

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Hoang Dung Fitness & Kick Boxing Center is a rough and ready budget gym to the north of Hoi An. There’s a great range of fairly tatty equipment – plenty to do here in this well-structured, spaced out gym. Make sure you’re acclimatised and train early though – despite multiple overhead fans, the gym is a sauna. If you’re saving your cents and need a cheap gym, this is your place!

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Hoang Dung Fitness & Kick Boxing Center

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