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Gyms In Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce

Gyms in Rio Dulce

Finding gyms in Rio Dulce was hard work, and I certainly got some exercise in trying! I was staying on the river at Tortugal Hotel, and staff at my accommodation told me that there was a gym opposite Hotel Yair (marked on Google), near the centre. Finding the way out along the back paths of the hotel was a challenge, but once I got onto the main road I found it easy to locate. Half an hour walk from the hotel, I could see both the hotel and the gym opposite, one floor up, as I approached.

Result? No. Despite seeing physical gym equipment, when I asked how to get up there (no stairs were visible) I was told the gym had shut! I believe permanently, or at least for the foreseeable future. What a tease – the equipment had been visible! Couldn’t I just pop up and use it anyway…. Er, no.


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The search for gyms in Rio Dulce continues; I asked for alternatives but locals told me they were far away. How far? Another half hour walk apparently. The issue I had was that my hotel said they lock the back gate at 1700, meaning I couldn’t get back in after this time. I’d already asked them to extend this until 1800 for me, but if I attended another gym further away I’d be back well after 1800.  Even if the hotel gate had been open, I didn’t fancy walking back through the woods after dark. So, sad to say I never made it. But I was informed it is in or close to INEB, marked on Google, just off the main road. Good luck!

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Any other workout ideas?

Yes! I went for a run instead and ran south along the main road. I ended up at Castillo de San Felipe de Lara. It wasn’t very busy and quite a pleasant run at 7am.

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Gyms In Rio Dulce

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