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Gyms In Guayaquil

Gyms in Guayaquil

Gyms In Guayaquil

Welcome to my page on gyms in Guayaquil, allegedly one of the most dangerous cities in Ecuador. I didn’t have any trouble here, but I stuck around the Malecon area. However I did have my laptop stolen on an overnight bus from Quito to Puerto Lopez which was pretty upsetting. I also met numerous other travellers who had similar woes with their phones, so please be super-cautious with your things throughout Ecuador.

Before I got too carried gym hunting, I heeded warnings about Guayaquil’s reputation and therefore exercised more caution than usual in where I ventured. Here are the gyms in Guayaquil that I found.

1. Puma Gym – $3.50 or $5 including classes

Puma Gym Guayaquil

Puma Gym was well-located in the centre of Malecon and super-close to my hostel, which I recommend – see Tomo Hostel. Staff spoke good English and the accommodation was lovely with a good common area (not a party hostel). The gym is fairly large and you’ll also find a studio offering Les Mills and other group classes, in addition to a Spinning studio. When the exercise studio is not in use, it makes for a great functional training area. When it is in use, it adds atmosphere to the gym as there are no walls around it!

The only downside is there’s no aircon here, so train early. For full info see Puma Gym.

2. Roxana Gym

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Roxana is located a few blocks west of Puma, which in turn was close to my accommodation. I found it on a slightly rough looking street, above another building which didn’t look very inviting. Whilst it may well have been fine, I didn’t particularly want to venture in.

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3. Arnold’s World Gym


Location: Calle 4 NE / Rumichaca 602, roughly 1km west of Puma Gym.

I began walking to Arnold’s World Gym in the middle of the afternoon, noticing a steady decline in both the number of people I passed and the aesthetics of the neighbourhoods as I did so. Since my laptop was stolen in Ecuador a few days prior, and having met a number of others who were pickpocketed or robbed on their travels in Ecuador, I decided to turn back. I was happy with the price of Puma Gym and wasn’t in Guayaquil long enough to warrant a serious gym hunt. Sorry folks, safety first.

Summary of Gyms in Guayaquil

So, these are the main gyms in Guayaquil that I found. I’d return to Puma Gym as it’s cheap, close to accommodation and seemed relatively safe. Let me know if you discover others and have a great time seeing stunning Ecuador!

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Gyms In Guayaquil

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