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GYMkruoor Chiang Mai

Gymkruoor Chiang Mai

GYMkruoor Chiang Mai

Wiang Kaew Road, Chiang Mai 50200


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 21:00, Sun: 8:00 – 19:00

Cost: 100 baht per day or 1500 baht per month


The strangely named GYMkruoor Chaing Mai is located inside the square that defines the old town, towards the northeast corner. It is well signposted from the street, although the building is set back from the road. It’s in the same building as the Muay Thai gym, up one flight of stairs and clearly labelled.


One of the first things I noticed about the gym was the caged birds on display by the window – not the best first impression of the place. The gym is small-medium, but has a vast open floor area, along with a table tennis table. It lacks resistance machines but focuses on free weights and has a few cardio machines.

The equipment was not especially modern but was well maintained and everything appeared to be in good condition and the gym was tidy at 8am today (when it opened!).

There were a few plug-in fans (not in use when I went – it wasn’t too hot) and no aircon, although I thought a saw a couple of small units there. Given the extremely high ceiling, aircon would not have been v practical here.

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Dumbbells go up to 30kg, and they offer a good range of super-lightweight dumbbells too. The main thing which this gym offers that the others I visited didn’t were fixed weight barbells. You’ll find a full set of both straight and curled barbells from 10kg – 35kg, in 5kg increments. This was the main positive about the club, along with its floorspace.

There are several pull up bars of varying heights, cable crossovers, lat pulldowns (x 2), resisted rowing and tricep pulldowns. You’ll also find a squat station and Smith machine with plenty of weights. There are a variety of benches for different purposes too – bench pressing, hip extensions, inclined abs benches and benches for usual weight work.

That’s your lot – you’ll find none of the usual resistance machines here at GYMKruoor Chiang Mai, it’s free weights all the way.


The first thing that struck me is that there is not a treadmill in sight here! Instead you’ll find 3 Spinning bikes, 2 other bikes, a stepper and a crosstrainer. No-one was using any of them whilst I was there, but they looked to be in good condition, if not especially modern. This is probably the most limited selection of cardio machines I’ve seen in a Chiang Mai gym yet.

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The best thing about GYMkruoor was the huge amount of floor space, along with a fair array of gym toys. You’ll find Swiss balls, a BOSU, a few kettlebells, a foam roller, abs roller, mini-hurdles, wobble-board (cushions), a medicine ball, trampet and a plyo-box.

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GYMkruoor Chiang Mai was my least favourite gym in Chiang Mai. The lack of music meant most of the noise was coming from the caged birds who would occasionally squawk their frustrations.

The gym is jointly the most expensive gym I’ve used here, priced the same as Harris Fitness Center. But Harris has excellent, modern facilities, aircon, a wide range of both cardio and resistance machines and superb changing facilities. This place has relatively little, with its main offerings being the fixed weight barbells and the huge floor space.

Further out towards Nimman you’ll find Gold Hillside Gym for only 80 baht (also with good floorspace) and overall better facilities. Or in the other direction to the east of the square, you’ll find O2 Gym for only 60 baht and there are other branches of it around the city.

None of these gym alternatives had caged animals in the workout area either. I’d go elsewhere…

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GYMkruoor Chiang Mai

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