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Gym workout

Welcome to my Gym Workout Blogs page!

Want a gym workout while you’re travelling?

Great! I’ve been travelling for over two years, researching affordable gyms and finding a gym workout wherever I go.

Here I’ll share where you can find a gym that doesn’t hit you with high casual rates, and give you information about what sort of facilities you can expect to find in each location. You’ll find details of cost, opening hours, where to find it, inside images and equipment you’re likely to find. Check out my reviews and find the most suitable gym workout for you.

Best of all, I give links to free passes when possible!

No need to let your fitness slip whilst you’re on your travel adventure – go and grab a gym workout now!

Gym workout

Please click on a region below for details of gym workouts in that area.



United States of America and Canada

Central America

Costa Rica

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South America



Australia (not yet completed)
New Zealand

United Kingdom


Want some pointers on keeping fit whilst travelling?

Check out my Five Top Tips for Keeping Fit Around the Globe
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