Goodlife Murray St, Perth

GoodLife Fitness Perth

Goodlife Murray St, Perth

166 Murray St Mall, Perth CBD


Opening Hours: Mon – Wed: 6:00 – 21:30, Thu – Fri: 6:00 – 21:00,
Sat: 8:00 – 17:00, Sun 10:00 – 15:00.

Cost: a 2 day pass is $30. (1 day pass no longer offered)

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Goodlife Murray St, Perth is located in the centre of Perth, inside Murray St Mall. At the entrance on Murray St, you’ll see the Goodlife sign above the escalator. Head down it to the basement and you’ll see the gym right there – simple!


You’ll see the large cardio room by the entrance to the club, on its own. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more here once you get inside! The club is broadly divided into Cardio, a Group Exercise Studio, Cycling Studio and main gym. The main gym area is divided into a Freestyle Area, Stretching Area, weight-training, functional training and of course, the cardio room.

Upon arrival you’ll be given a key card for the lockers if you wish. On one of the three occasions I went, I was asked to leave ID as a deposit. Water fountains are freely available throughout the club. Take your own towel; there were some behind reception but these could be chargeable.

I attended on weekdays, between 16:00 – 18:00 twice, and thirdly at 7:00. The club was fairly busy with a buzzing atmosphere at all these times, but never felt cramped or unpleasantly crowded. On the contrary there was a great training atmosphere!

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Dumbbell freeweights go up to 50kg, whilst barbells go up to 35kg in nice small 2.5kg increments – great if you’re looking to up your weights! You’ll also find a full rack of lightweight dumbbells up to 10kg.

There are at least three sets of pull up bars in this well-equipped club. One forms part of the cable crossover apparatus, whilst the others are linked to narrow cable stations.

You’ll also find two assisted pull-ups machines and two lat pulldowns – excellent to duplicate these popular machines for busy periods and no excuse for not working those lats!

You’ll also find five bench press stations, two Smith machines and two squat racks.

Resistance Equipment

Goodlife Murray St Perth has a good range of modern resistance equipment for both lower and upper body, both pin-operated and disc loadable. Loadable machines include a shoulder press, incline press, bench press, pulldown, row, high row, calf raises, leg press and a squat lunge machine. There’s an excellent range of all the usual pin-operated machines too.

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The cardio room at Goodlife Murray St, Perth is practically a gym in itself! This large room hosts numerous types and numbers of equipment. These include around 16 treadmills, numerous crosstrainers, steppers, recumbent and upright bikes, three rowing machines, three lateral trainers and a trampet. All equipment was top of the range and in great condition!

Functional Training

There are two areas within the main gym which have a generous amount of floorspace, labelled the Freestyle Area and Stretching Area respectively. Additionally there is a large rig in the gym with a good amount of functional equipment around it.

The rig has overhead bars with resistance loops and four squat rack stations by it. You’ll also find huge long racks of functional equipment next to this. Here you’ll find numerous power balls, kettlebells, medicine balls, Swiss balls and a couple of skipping ropes.

Freestyle Area

The freestyle area’s cardio section is composed of three rowing machines and one Spin bike. You’ll also find a full rack of lightweight dumbbells and some battle-ropes. Along with these, you’ll see a hip extension bench, plyoboxes, TRXs, foam rollers, good quality mats and a punch bag.

Stretching Area

The stretching area consists of functional equipment such as plyo boxes, two leg presses, step-boards, an abs roller, adjustable barbells, BOSUs, foam rollers, air rollers and some boxing equipment. You can pair up with a friend and do gloves and pads work here in the ample floor space! There’s also an additional set of pull-up bars in this large area.

I also found some air-filled ankle wobble boards – great for ankle rehab!


Goodlife Murray St, Perth has two large modern studios, one for mainstream classes and one for Spinning. They run predominantly Les Mills classes in the Group studio, such as Body Pump, Combat, Attack, Balance and CX Worx. You’ll also see a few yoga classes on the timetable, and I counted 25 classes on the timetable.

There are an additional six classes a week in the Spinning studio.

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I loved this clean and spacious well-equipped gym! They’ve made good choices of equipment to duplicate so that you’re not stuck waiting for equipment in busy periods. The temperature in the club was ideal and all the equipment is in excellent condition. The club is well-located in the centre, a stone’s throw from Perth Underground. Possibly even better, it’s directly below Woolworth’s supermarket – very handy for refueling afterwards!

As my first workout in Australia, this has really set the standard! Additionally, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Thanks guys, I loved my time here!

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Goodlife Murray St, Perth

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