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Gold Hillside Gym and Fitness, Chiang Mai

Gold Hillside Gym

Gold Hillside Gym and Fitness, Chiang Mai

50 Huaykaew Road, , Chiang Mai

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Opening Hours: 7:00 – 23:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 80 baht per day or 1100 per month. (Currently no weekly rate)

Location and Entry

Gold Hillside Gym is nice and easy to find! It’s located on the main road between the old town and Maya Shopping Mall (Nimman) It is well-signposted outside, and the entrance is right by the carpark entrance. Go into what looks like a mall and you’ll see the gym straight in front of you – simple.


From the outside, the gym looks modern and attractive, thanks to all the very modern cardio equipment they’ve got by the windows at the entrance. The great thing is that you can actually see inside most of the gym by walking around the side of it before you enter, and decide if it’s for you. If you’ve come this far, I’d be surprised if you don’t venture inside though – it’s only 80 baht a go and it’s very well equipped with cardio equipment, free weights, a large number of resistance machines and, what you can’t see from the window – a great little studio for floorwork.

The gym is clean and at 7:30am when I arrived, very tidy. It is also well-airconditioned throughout.

I briefly used the changing rooms and which were pretty good – clean and fairly modern.

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The club contains a large number of freeweights in both kilograms and pounds, going up to 100lbs. There are naturally duplicates per se, given the two different measurements. Like the nearby Harris Fitness Center, there are no fixed weight barbells, but several adjustable ones, which were neatly piled up in the corner when I arrived.

There is a large variety of resistance machinery here, more so than at Harris, but they are much less modern here. It all worked but some were definitely not from the last decade! It’s clear that Gold Hillside have prioritised their recent investments into cardio equipment and not weights. And why not indeed – 20kg is still going to be 20kg regardless of when it was manufactured. But we all know the difference between a wobbly old crosstrainer and a nice new one.

You’ll find 2 Smith machines, a squat rack, cable crossovers and several sets of pull up bars, only one of which is suitable for tall people.

Functional Equipment

There is a generous amount of functional equipment here, including kettlebells from 8 – 12kg, medicine balls from 5 – 12kg, a BOSU, boxing bag, battle ropes, Swiss balls, a roller for abs and some foam rollers. There are also plenty of half decent mats too. Additionally, you’ll find a studio dedicated to floorspace, (with a built in non-slip floor) where most of these things are located. One guy was practising martial arts kicks in there when I was doing my core work!


Gold Hillside Gym boasts excellent modern cardio equipment, including many treadmills and bikes, along with several crosstrainers.

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A great value for money gym with an excellent range of cardio machines, free weights and resistance equipment. The studio is ideal for functional training and other floorwork.

Take your own drinking water – I couldn’t see it freely available, though you could certainly purchase it.

In my opinion, there is little to separate it from Harris Fitness Center which is a bit closer to the old town. Although Gold Hillside Gym is slightly cheaper, the weights section is certainly not as attractive as Harris. However if your main focus is cardio or floorwork, I would say Gold Hillside Gym has the edge. Harris is the slightly classier of the two with nicer changing facilities, but I expect most people would be happy at either. Whichever you choose, have a great workout!

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Gold Hillside Gym and Fitness, Chiang Mai

3 thoughts on “Gold Hillside Gym and Fitness, Chiang Mai

  1. Ok so Gold Hillside Gym has a variety of old equipment but it’s all functional and so am I as an old veteran thanks to my long standing membership at this:
    *Conveniently located
    *Highly accessible
    *Very clean all areas
    *Low low priced
    *Fully a/c’d w/trainers if requested
    *Walk to Maya, Kad Suan Kaew, Neiman One
    *Parking adjacent
    So Sawasdee krab from this satisfied old vet????

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