Fitness 7 Pattaya

Fitness 7 Pattaya

Fitness 7 Pattaya

Pattayasaisong Road, 20150, Pattaya


Opening Hours: Open 24 hours (including reception)
Cost: 350 a day or 1600 a month

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Fitness 7 Pattaya is very conveniently located in the centre of Pattaya, 500m from Mike Shopping Mall (where Coco Fitness is), on the next road parallel to Beach Road. It’s correctly located on Google maps – just head towards the supermarket there and turn right before entering it. You’ll see it on the ground floor on your left as soon as you enter the sheltered area.


Coming into Fitness 7 Pattaya felt rather like entering a prison! (Not that I’ve been in one, I’m just imagining!) You’ll be buzzed in through a prison-like gate that’ll lock behind you and it’s all quite dimly lit. But don’t let that bother you, the gym here is pretty good. You’ll enter by a boxing ring, and if you need the toilet or changing rooms, they are right here on this floor at the back. You won’t find any such facilities upstairs in the main gym, and as you’ll need to be buzzed in upstairs too, it’s a lot simpler if you use them on the way in.

Now head on up the escalator (which wasn’t switched on) to the main gym area.

You’ll enter into a medium sized room, which is nicely air-conditioned and has a range of both cardio equipment, free weights and resistance machines. It’s a gym in itself and if you want to work out in full AC, there’s enough here for you to do that. However, the main gym is in a separate room adjacent and it’s huge! Pattaya is certainly not short of large gyms. This room is however not air-conditioned, but there are plenty of fans.

My advice? Do your weight-training the larger room if you need to, and then head into AC for cardio – that’s what I did anyway. 🙂

The main room contains a huge amount of weight-training equipment, a decent functional training area and an even bigger selection of cardio machines than the AC room!

Bring your own towel and water – nothing for free here that I could see.

The changing rooms are also large, very clean, with numerous lockers, showers and toilets.

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The A/C Room

For those wanting the comfort of aircon throughout their workout, the first room you enter upstairs is your room. It’s a fair size, although you may need to venture into the main room here and there, especially if you lift heavy. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find here though:

They’ve provided a good range of cardio equipment including five treadmills, four crosstrainers, three Spin bikes, three upright bikes and one recumbent.

Free weights include dumbbells up to 40kg, a Smith machine, assisted pull ups and a range of general resistance equipment. Check out pics from the AC room here:

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The Main Room


Fitness 7 Pattaya caters extremely well for all levels of weight-trainers. Most of the equipment in the AC room is duplicated here – and there’s a whole lot more!

Dumbbells on the racks go up to 50kg BUT I also saw dumbbells composed of discs, labelled up to 70kg under the racks! Meanwhile barbells go up to 50kg and you’ll see a couple of racks of straight and curled.

For your upper body, you’ll find a wide set of cable crossovers with pull up bars, as well as a couple of narrower cable crossovers, of which one has pull up bars. They’ve provided a range of inclined, declined and flat bench presses, as well as a couple of preacher curls

If it’s leg day, you can use the Smith and squat machines.

They have a good range of disc-loadable machines here, including a leg press and leg extension for your lower body, and a chest press, shoulder press, preacher curl, bench press, lat pulldown and low row for your upper body.

You’ll also find hip extension and abs benches here, along with a hanging leg raise.

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Functional Training

You’ll find a significant area dedicated to functional training here! It’s in the non-AC area, but still good enough to check out. There’s a good amount of floor space here as well as a good array of gym toys.

I found Swiss balls, BOSUs, TRXs, ViPRs, powerballs, powerbags from 5 – 25kg (in 5kg increments), abs rollers and step boards.

You’ll also see kettlebells up to 20kg, medicine balls up to 10kg and many lightweight dumbbells.


At the front desk, signs advertise boxing classes, as well as a one hour dance class each day. For details see here:

Fitness 7 Pattaya class timetable


You’ll find a similar amount of cardio equipment in here to the AC room. If you don’t mind sweating a lot, then go for it here! Do be sure to replace lost electrolytes if you have extended session though – I once felt quite ill from not doing this, even though I was fully rehydrated.

Cardio equipment in this room at Fitness 7 consists of six treadmills, five Spin bikes, three upright bikes and one recumbent bike. You’ll also find four crosstrainers and what looks like a ski-erg machine, ie a vertical rower that works your ski-ing muscles!

Summary of Fitness 7

Fitness 7 Pattaya is a large and extremely well equipped gym. Rightly so, given its price-tag – it has the most expensive casual rate I’ve found so far in Pattaya. It is also modern and well-equipped though, not to mention being in an excellent location, easily accessible to central accommodation.

Whether you want a good cardio blast, a full-on weights workout or to do your own thing on the floor, this place has it all. If you’re not on a budget and craving some good aircon for your workout, the AC room here certainly nails it, just bear in mind the main room is not airconditioned.

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Fitness 7 Pattaya

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