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Enhance Fitness The Weld (Jatomi Fitness) – Kuala Lumpur

Enhance Fitness The Weld

Enhance Fitness The Weld (Jatomi Fitness) – Kuala Lumpur

The Weld Mall, 76 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:00 – 23:00, Sat and Sun: 8:00 – 20:00

Cost: RM 50 for a day pass, or RM 127 per month – minimum term is one year.


Enhance Fitness The Weld is located inside The Weld mall on the third floor. One way to get here is on the Monorail and walk from Raja Chulan station, about 6 minutes walk away. The Weld is unmissable and unlike most malls in KL, it’s actually pretty small! So, finding your way up to the third floor should be simple, and the gym seems to surround the whole floor – easy!

Staff welcomed me with an electronic locker key and I was on my way…


Arriving at 9am on a weekday morning, I found the mall looking surprisingly neglected. The escalators were switched off and hardly anyone was around. The gym was also lacking something – people and natural daylight! The gym facilities are for the most part very good and comparable to any of the big chains, with the exception of a few key bits of equipment that I missed.

Equipment was all very modern, the club is as clean and attractive as any of the big chains, but it is somewhat dark and dungeon-like in places, due to the lack of natural, and indeed artificial daylight! To be fair, I have been spoilt at elite gyms in KL lately and I’d probably be quick to find fault with most places! Overall, the club is air-conditioned though if you do suffer in heat, some areas are a little warmer than is ideal. Free water is provided but take your own towels – I believe you can get a towel there, but since I wasn’t offered one on either occasion that I used the club, there may be an extra charge.

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Gym Facilities

Enhance Fitness The Weld is broadly divided into a large functional training area, cardio area, resistance machines and free weights and then, going around the side of the gym, you’ll find a few more machines before you arrive at a “back room” which has a more random mix of equipment in it! Keep going and you’ll find the main studio, followed by a smaller one.

Whilst the club itself is very modern, the changing facilities are less so – everything is clean and in fair condition, but they lack the luxury of the other top chains I’ve found, eg paint coming off the wall, fancy showers, lush seating etc. Whilst none of these things are a show stopper for me, it does add to the whole experience!


You’ll find dumbbells up to a generous 50kg here, and whilst weights are racked in pairs, they’re not necessarily in any particular order, though it is just about light enough to see what’s going on. 😉 You’ll also find fixed-weight barbells up 45kg, along with plenty of adjustable ones in varying shapes and sizes.

If you like your squats, you’ve definitely come to the right place here – I found five squat racks together! And whilst we’re talking about well-duplicated machines, I also found four assisted pull-ups machines – awesome!

Less impressive was the absence of a cable crossover machine which surprised me. In fact, cables weren’t generally present here – I couldn’t find a lat pulldown, tricep pull down or other such equipment. However, there were several pull-up bars with dual adjustable pulleys. The cables mostly looked loose / broken though. The other notable absentees were bench presses. Given that the club is currently changing from Jatomi Fitness into Enhance Fitness, they could well be in the middle of a revamp and this might all be remedied.

You’ll find a good mix of resistance machines here for both the lower and upper body, all of which were pin-operated.

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Functional Training

What the club lacks in range of weight-training equipment, it certainly makes up for in its functional training area. This large well-lit area has a lot of floor markings including a full sprint track with lines from 1 to 30. You’ll find a large rig in the centre of the room with plenty of overhead bars.

You’ll also find numerous Swiss balls, core bags from 10 – 20kg, power balls, medicine balls and step boards. They also provide ViPRs, TRXs, BOSUs and a full rack of light weight dumbbells.

Kettlebell fans will be pleased to see they go up to 32kg here – woohoo!

You’ll also see foam rollers, mini-hurdles and mats.


You’ll find an excellent number and range of cardio equipment here at Enhance Fitness The Weld. One thing that varies tremendously at clubs around Asia is the presence of rowing machines. I found a whopping six here, which is very rare!

The cardio equipment seems to be spread over two main areas, with subsets of equipment duplicated in each – I’ll write the totals that I found here:

I found nineteen treadmills, ten crosstrainers, six rowers, three curved treadmills, four steppers, four upright bikes, one recumbent bike and two Spin bikes. All of these were in excellent condition and very modern.

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Classes and Studios

I found one large and one smaller studio here, both of which looked very new with beautiful decor. These were in addition to a Spinning studio. Click here for the full class timetable. Be sure to scroll down to The Weld or you’ll get the other club!

Currently there are around 16 classes per week in the Body Studio, five Cycling / Spinning classes and eight yoga classes per week. Classes in the Body Studio are a mix of Zumba, X -HIIT, ABT and Pure Pump. Sadly I didn’t do any classes while I was here so I cant comment on them. The studios looked inviting though!

The Gym’s “Back Room”

If you walk far enough around the gym, past all the assisted pull ups machines, you’ll find the room I’m talking about. As it contains a combination of seemingly random equipment, I’m struggling to come up with with a more apt name for it than the “back room”!

Believe it or not, you’ll find yet another assisted pull ups machine here. (Yes, that is five in all, if you’re counting with me!) It’s in good company with squat rack number six! This is the best equipped gym in KL if this is your workout focus – I haven’t found more anywhere else!

You’ll also see a rack of lightweight dumbbells and several adjustable barbells, along with some pull up bars. Additionally I found a variety of functional training equipment. All of this is duplicated in the functional area described above, but I’ll fill you in on what I saw here. I found BOSUs, step boards, power balls, Swiss balls, kettlebells up to around 20kg, core bags of 10, 15 and 20kg and Reebok mats.

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Enhance Fitness The Weld was probably the most unusual gym I found in KL. In some ways it was well on par with the rest of the big chains here, but for me it was lacking something. The dim lighting and absence of a few key weights machines puts it below other gyms in KL for me, and it also has a smaller class timetable. However, its daily rate was the lowest I found at RM 50. Bear in mind, they are in the middle of changing from Jatomi Fitness to Enhance Fitness; this might account for the some of the issues I’ve described.

In terms of cardio, functional training and resistance machines, I can certainly recommend this gym.

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Enhance Fitness The Weld (Jatomi Fitness) – Kuala Lumpur

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