Energy Xtreme Gym Fitness Center, Quito

Energy Xtreme Fitness Center Quito

Energy Xtreme Gym Fitness Center, Quito

Av. Gral Ignacio de Veintimilla

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Opening times – Mon – Fri : 6:00 – 22:00, Sat : 7:00 – 20:00, Sun – closed.

Cost: $4 – a good price for Quito.

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Location and Entry

Energy Xtreme Gym did not feature on Google maps at the time of writing. You can find it very close to Lift Gym, near Plaza Foch. You’ll see it on the corner where “Hilana” appears on Google maps. There’s a big banner up, easily visible and you have to enter by climbing stairs to the right of the banner.


A very friendly lady showed me around this rather strangely set-up gym. As she pointed out, the equipment is very new (well, some of it is)  – but certainly the building is not, giving it a rather strange appearance. The main issue is the gym is subdivided into numerous small rooms with just a few machines in each. I got lost following her around the complicated structure! As one other user put it, “it’s like you’re walking around someone’s house”.

You’ll also find a studio somewhere in the middle of it all, where another member was doing lunges when I visited and seemed to be a free for all. Overall the gym is medium-sized, and I found it to be well-equipped with a good range of new machinery as well as toilets and showers.

Energy Xtreme Gym is slightly smaller than the other two gyms in Quito in terms of size and equipment. Whilst some equipment is new, other equipment is ageing. The staff were extremely friendly and since they didn’t have change from my $10 note, actually let me work out for free! Thanks guys! Whilst it wasn’t quite up there with the other two gyms in terms of the facilities, it really was a bargain for the price. You’ll find a range of cardio equipment and free weights.


Energy Xtreme Gym is the cheapest gym I found and perfectly adequate – ideal if you want to train on a budget and has all the necessary equipment. Additionally I found it was also fairly quiet when I arrived at 7:00am, making it easy to access all the machines and weights.

However, if you can get the $5 rate at McKenzie’s Fitness Studio. Personally, I think it’s worth the extra dollar and as I write this, it’s open Sundays too.

Check out my review and decide what’s best for you. 🙂 See also my post on Other Gyms in Quito.

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Energy Xtreme Gym Fitness Center, Quito

2 thoughts on “Energy Xtreme Gym Fitness Center, Quito

  1. Buenas tardes, mi nombre jose Valera soy entrenador levo poco tiempo acá en quito, venezolano de barquisimei cabudare. Mi antiguo jefe Gustavo de la gala me recomendó este gym y me gustaría saber si hay bacantes ? Disponibilidad total

  2. Buenas tardes José, gracias por tu mensaje. Por favor contacta el gimnasio directamente porque no trabajo allí. Viajo y escribo sobre gimnasios alrededor del mundo. 🙂

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