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Dang Xinh Yoga, Nha Trang

Dang Xinh Yoga Nha Trang

Dang Xinh Yoga, Nha Trang

25/2 Hung Vuong st, Loc Tho ward, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang


Class Times: 14:30 every day, Mon – Sat.

Yoga: 50k per session

Ok folks, this time it’s not a regular gym review post; this time I’m pushing out of my comfort zone and doing something different! Whilst I’m no stranger to doing classes, they have generally taken the form of Step, Aerobics, Pump and Abs/Core classes. This time however I’m branching out of my comfort zone. Yep, you’ve guessed it….

Global Gym Bunny does Yoga!

Arriving at the class at Dang Xinh Yoga with a friend, I saw we were joined by two other participants. Our teacher was Ms Lan, a lively woman full of personality who spoke exceptional English. Not only generally, but also in terms of yoga terminology. This was a relief as I’m far from an expert and in order to perform correct technique, needed some clear instructions. Thankfully she was excellent at communicating.

Resistance Loops
Resistance Loops Training

Like the gym, the yoga studio was hot and sweaty, although windows were wide open. She informed me that they don’t use the fans or aircon in there.

I won’t attempt a professional critique of her class as I’m not experienced in yoga, so would rather just describe my experiences. The class involved getting into and holding various poses for a time period, often repeating the pose several times. This was a great test of strength, balance and flexibility. Some poses were unattainable for yoga novices like me, for example holding handstands and other positions where your only contact with the floor is with two hands! But Ms Lan was hands-on in supporting everyone individually, giving verbal and as needed, physical support. She demonstrated alternative options too making the class suitable for all levels.


My class at Dang Xinh Yoga was fun, challenging and a memorable highlight of my time in Nha Trang. It was great to challenge myself in different ways to the regular gym workouts and runs I do regularly. The facility is well located in the centre and I would definitely return here for the bargain price of 50k dong for a class. Happy training!

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TRX Training
TRX Training

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Dang Xinh Yoga, Nha Trang

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