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Coco Fitness Pattaya

Coco Fitness Pattaya

Coco Fitness Pattaya

4th floor, Mike Shopping Mall, 262 Beach Road, 20150, Pattaya

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Opening Hours: 7:00 – 23:00, seven days a week
Cost: 299 baht a go, or 5 visits for 999, or 2 weeks for 1399 or 1 month for 1399 baht.


Coco Fitness Pattaya is very well-located in the centre of the action here. You’ll find it on the 4th floor of Mike Shopping Mall, which is very easy to spot from Beach Road – look up and you’ll see the Coco Fitness sign at the top. Enter the mall and take the escalator up to the fourth floor. Then head towards the front of the building again for the gym entrance, which will be on your left. Easy.


This very new-looking club has modern decor and is certainly aesthetically appealing. Coco Fitness Pattaya’s equipment ranges from medium age to modern, but was all in good condition.

The gym is divided into two main rooms, as well as a studio. The first room contains all the cardio equipment, a nice astro-turf area for functional training and a small number of resistance machines.

The second room is focussed on weight-training and bench work.

The aircon here remains a mystery to me. Yes, they have it, but it’s very irratic! When I arrived, both main rooms were pleasantly cool. Soon afterwards, a studio class finished and the temperature inside it was boiling – either it wasn’t on or wasn’t working during the class. Later, I noticed that the weights room remained cool throughout, but the cardio room had become warm. Baffling – good luck!

Slightly surprisingly I couldn’t find free water here – you’d usually find it in high end clubs in Thailand. The changing facilities were first class though and you’ll find lockers for your belongings – ask reception for a key.

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The weights section here is large, open-plan and logically arranged. It’s also well-spaced out for ease of movement and the equipment here is largely modern and all in good condition.

Free weights

You’ll find a good range of free weights here up to 50kg, although not a huge number. ie no significant duplicates, though you will find a full rack of lightweight dumbbells from 1-10kg. It may have only struck me as a small area, as the rest of the gym was large, but the main dumbbells ascended in 2.5kg increments.

They have provided a good range of barbells though, with a full rack each of straight and curled from 10 – 30kg in 5kg increments. That’s in addition to a number of adjustable ones, neatly stored.

Resistance Machines

Heavy lifters will appreciate a good number of plate-loadable resistance machines – I found around 14, which included a shoulder press, bench press, pulldown, chest press, row and a leg press to mention a few.

For your upper body you’ll find two sets of cable crossovers, both with pull up bars, as well as an assisted pull ups machine and a lat pulldown. They’ve also provided a 4 x cable station for other pulley work, a shoulder press rack, inclined, declined and flat bench presses and a preacher curl station.

If you’ve come for a leg workout, you’ll find a squat rack and Smith machine as standard.

There’s a large number and range of resistance equipment here for the whole body, and if you want abs machines, you’ll actually find these in the main cardio room.

What struck me about the weights room was how few pull-up bars there were for the size of it – both sets were on the cable crossovers, which is typically a popular piece of equipment. When I attended late morning, it wasn’t that busy, yet I still struggled to get on the bars as others were on the cables. Also, there’s also only one lat pulldown (pulley) that I could find, but you’ll find an alternative on the resistance machines.

You’ll also find some adjustable abs benches and a hip extension in this room.

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Functional Training

This lovely area is located in the cardio room and allows for floor work as well as a long stretch to walk your lunges. It’s a very attractive area to work out in at the side of the room.

Gym toys include four BOSUs, some Swiss balls, a step with lots of risers and a powerball. I also saw a 10kg powerbag, a foam roller and a fullset of medicine balls from 1 – 10kg.

They’ve also provided kettlebells up to 12kg, some lightweight adjustable barbells, yoga mats and thick mats.


What is striking about the cardio equipment at Coco Fitness is the view from it – you’ll be looking out to the sea, boats and surrounding area – all very pretty! Except you’ll be too busy gasping for breath to appreciate it for long, but there’s always your cool down! 😉

You’ll find a good range of equipment here, although I didn’t recognise the brand and couldn’t work out how to switch on one of the crosstrainers!

Overall I found five crosstrainers, four recumbent bikes, 3 Spinning bikes, 1 upright, two steppers and two rowers. Note that they also have two modern curved treadmills in addition to the nine standard ones.

Studio and Classes

The lovely studio at Coco Fitness Pattaya is medium-large and currently hosts twelve classes a week. These are Coco Pump, Coco Combat, Zumba and Yoga. They run from Mon – Sat and most start at 10:00 or 19:00.

When I went in, the studio was cooled only by fans, so it was somewhat warm – I’m unsure if this was one-off as the rest of the club seemed well-airconditioned. Let me know if you go!

Equipment here consists of a medicine balls from 1 – 10kg, lightweight adjustable barbells, Swiss balls, step-boards, battle-ropes, abs rollers, yoga blocks and mats and regular mats.

You’ll also find a standing punchbag and some boxing gloves.

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Summary of Universe Gym

Coco Fitness Pattaya is a large and very attractive gym, excellently located in the centre of Pattaya on the beach road, with great views of the beach. Apart from the lack of pull-up bars / duplicates of popular dumbbells, I can find little to fault about this club. If you’re on a tight budget though, it’s not the cheapest in Pattaya.

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Coco Fitness Pattaya

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