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Body Fit 88 Hua Hin

Body Fit 88 Hua Hin

Body Fit 88 Hua Hin

226/6 Hua Hin 88/2 Alley, Hua Hin, 77110


Opening times: 6:30 – 21:30 Mon – Sat, 7:30 – 20:30 Sun

Cost: 190 per day, 590 per week or 1190 per month. Longer term options are available.

Classes cost 190 per class or 1500 for 10.


Body Fit 88 Hua Hin is correctly located on Google maps and unmistakable – you literally cannot miss the huge signs outside. It’s centrally located, around 12 mins walk south from the train station. I believe this gym replaces the more expensive Atletic Fitness which used to be here a few years ago! I actually thought it was the same gym until I checked the name.


Body Fit 88 is medium-large gym which has decent, modern facilities at a reasonable price. Whilst not the cheapest gym in Hua Hin, the location, air-conditioning and good range of equipment make it an appealing option. It’s popular though – at 9:15am on a Monday morning it was pretty busy, attracting predominantly Westerners. By mid-morning it was getting quieter.

In addition to the gym, Body Fit 88 also has a cafe and towels are available for rental or purchase. The changing rooms were in good condition, though a little short of toilets as is common in Asia! I only found one in the Ladies, but several showers which I would have happily used if necessary.

A note on the cafe at Body Fit 88 – I asked if they served protein shakes as they did not appear to be on the menu. Staff pulled out a large tub of protein power and said yes, they could add 1 or 2 scoops to any of the fruit shakes. When I asked the price, he told me it would cost a rather steep 200 baht. This struck me as excessive, given that the shakes alone were only 95 baht. Charging over 100 baht to add protein seemed extreme so I declined.

Functional Training

Body Fit 88 Hua Hin boasts a fairly impressive functional training area, with significant floor space set around the overhead monkey bars here. You’ll find a whole host of functional training toys, including BOSUs, skipping ropes, foam rollers, medicine balls, abs rollers, a variety of resistance bands and power packs. There are also several yoga mats and sufficient space to use them.


Body Fit 88 Hua Hin is well equipped with weights and related machines which form the majority of the gym. Dumbbells go up to 50kg, with some duplicates of popular sizes. You’ll also find a rack of the smaller weights from 1 – 10kg too. Although there are 3 Smith machines, I couldn’t find a squat rack here (use one of the bench press racks?!). You’ll find a leg press, inclined, declined and a flat bench press, an assisted pull ups machine and some pull up bars with cable cross overs.

There’s also the usual range of resistance machines and a set of pulleys for pull downs etc.

You’ll also find abs benches and hip extension apparatus here.


Body Fit 88 has its own cardio room, which oddly seemed to be warmer than the main gym, although there was aircon in there. The room contains 4 treadmills, 5 bikes (2 upright, 2 recumbent, 1 Spin), 2 rowing machines and 4 crosstrainers. It also had a stairclimber although I couldn’t get on it as someone else was using it.


Yes, this lovely gym even has a modest class offering! Body Fit 88 predominantly runs yoga classes, with some Zumba, Spinning, Tabata and Body Fit classes too. I couldn’t see inside as a yoga class was on whilst I was there, but from what I could tell it was modern.

Summary of Body Fit 88

Body Fit 88 is a great all-round gym and good value for money in an excellent location. If you need to train during peak rimes I would suggest going once before committing to a longer period, as this gym was pretty packed when I went.


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Body Fit 88 Hua Hin

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