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Body Club Fitness Centre, Margaret River, WA

Body Club Fitness Margaret River

Body Club Fitness Centre, Margaret River, WA

Unit 7, 45 Station Road, 6285 Margaret River, WA

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Opening Times: 24/7 for members, or:
Staffed Hours: Mon – Thu: 8:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 19:00, Fri and Sat: 8:00 – 12:00

Cost: $15 per day or $45 per week casual rate. Better rates for longer term members.
Gym + class = $60 per week


Body Club Fitness Centre is located around 500m south of the main intersection in Margaret River. You’ll see it clearly signposted from the street and you’ll find the entrance near the back of the carpark.


This medium-large gym is set over one floor, with a modern studio upstairs. The club is attractive with up to date equipment and has a large dedicated boxing area at the back.

It’s easy to find what you need here – the gym is logically arranged and contains all the usual cardio, weights and functional training equipment. When I went, it was clean and tidy with weights all racked away.

Take your own towel along – Aussie gyms are generally pretty strict on this. There are two excellent showers with a hairdryer in the Ladies -handy if you’re here in cool climates like I am!

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You’ll find dumbbells up to 50kg including a full rack of lightweight dumbbells from 1 – 10 as well. There’s also a full rack of straight barbells up to 45kg and several adjustable ones in different shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking to do pull-ups you’ve got various options here – the large cable crossovers have a set, as well as the squat station and the narrow set cables. You’ll also find an assisted pull-ups machine and a lat pulldown.

For the lower body, you’ll see a squat rack, Smith machine, loadable linear hack press, and loadable leg press.

Upper body loadable resistance equipment includes shoulder presses and preacher curls. There are also a couple of bench press stations.

You’ll find a handful of new-looking resistance machines for the upper and lower body here too.


Body Club Fitness’ cardio section is located near the entrance and has an excellent selection of equipment. It consists of six treadmills, two upright bikes, two recumbent bikes, two airbikes, two Spin bikes, a cross-trainer and elliptical. You’ll also find two rowing machines and unusually, an airbike for your arms!

I also found an old maxi-climber in the corner of the room.

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Functional Training

You’ll find a good amount of functional training equipment in the main gym, but be sure to check out the huge boxing area behind too. There’s a tonne of floor space there as well as a number of other handy gym toys!

In the main gym you’ll find BOSUs, stepboards and medicine balls up to 10kg. There’s also an excellent range of resistance bands, loops and tubes here.

You’ll also see Swiss balls and a number of good quality mats, as well as bars for press-ups to stop you hyperextending your wrists. There’s some floor space here but head into the boxing area for more space and privacy.

Boxing Area

Ok, so I’m not an expert on boxing equipment, but this area looked awesome!

There’s a boxing ring at one end, whilst the rest of this long room makes up a large, fully-matted floorspace area containing hanging punchbags in various sizes, a speedbag and numerous sets of gloves, pads and mats.

Check out the pics below for further equipment – if I’m honest I can’t name most of it as my knowledge of boxing is limited!

But even if you’re not into boxing then you should definitely check out this area as you’ll find other functional equipment here too. This includes plyoboxes, battleropes, some lightweight medicine balls and best of all, a superb amount of floor space.


I really enjoyed my workout at Body Club Fitness, and the huge functional training / boxing area was a real bonus. Although $15 casual rate is higher than some similarly well-equipped gyms in other towns, it does seem to be the norm for gyms in this area.

When I attended late Friday morning, the gym was not especially busy so you could get on everything you wanted, whilst still having a good atmosphere. The music was good too! I’d happily return here – staff were friendly and everything was easy to find for a first-time user.

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Body Club Fitness Centre, Margaret River, WA

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