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Avengers Gym, Hat Yai

Avengers Gym Hatyai

Avengers Gym, Hat Yai

178/13 Prachathipat Road, Hat Yai, 90110, Thailand


Opening Hours: 24/7, 7 days a week

Cost: 70 baht per day, or 850 baht per month


Avengers Gym is the most centrally located gym I could find in Hat Yai. I picked it for this very reason – I only stayed here one night whilst travelling from Penang to Krabi and I didn’t have time to venture far. It’s correctly located on Google maps and is just over 1km east of the main train station here. There’s a clear sign outside it, but you need to be looking up a floor to see it. Otherwise, you’ll see red flags waving around in the wind outside with Avengers Gym on them, but I couldn’t see any sign of danger here – you may proceed!

The guy at reception spoke basic English and directed me up to the 4th floor, which it is if you use the American floor numbering system. Although the main gym is here, stop on the floor below this to see a smaller gym through the door on your left.


At 70 baht a go, I didn’t have very high expectations but it’s actually pretty good. This medium sized facility is split over two floors, with the bulk of the equipment on the top floor. I’m not entirely sure why they’ve split it in the way they have, as you’ll find a mix of cardio equipment and weights on each floor.

This medium sized gym is in fairly good condition and is well-maintained. You can help yourself to a free towel upon entry to the main gym, the toilets are clean and – more amazing – contain toilet paper! Do take your own water though as I couldn’t see any freely available, though it may be available to buy.

Avengers Gym isn’t exactly air-conditioned, but there are a couple of plug-in units. However, the front section of the gym is completely open – but this is actually a positive. 1. The aircon units alone wouldn’t be sufficient to cool such an area anyway, and by cleverly positioning the cardio equipment facing out to the street, you not only get a workout with a view, but you get a nice breeze from outside as you work out. Yay for fresh air.

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I found dumbbell free-weights up to 80lbs here, and a couple of adjustable barbells – one each of straight and curled. You’ll see four weights benches to use them on and there’s plenty of space to stand too.

Avengers Gym is geared towards fairly heavy lifters, with a big focus on Hammer Strength plate-loadable equipment. You’ll find a chest press, inclined bench press, flat bench press, lat pulldown, bicep machine and two legpresses, all in this sector. Rather a lot for a gym of this size! Especially considering there’s no regular resistance machines.

You’ll also find a preacher curl as well as another biceps station, as well as a couple of options for pull up bars on each floor.

For your legs, there’s a Smith machine and two squat racks.

The Lower Floor

Go down a floor and you’ll see three Fexx Fitness cable crossover machines much like the ones on this website. You’ll also find a “Multipress” machine, which basically looked like a shoulder press to me.

Also on this floor is a set of pull-up bars, a hip extension bench and a weights bench.


The main gym has four treadmills, two crosstrainers and two Spin bikes, all along the front of the building. As mentioned above, you can breathe fresh air from outside and enjoy the view as you train and it’s not stiflingly hot.

The floor below this has one upright bike, one recumbent bike and a rowing machine.

Most equipment appeared to be not especially new, but in reasonable condition. That said, I struggled to adjust the seat on the Spin bikes, but the two are at least set to two different heights.

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Functional Training

This section of the gym is considerably lacking. I couldn’t find any mats at all, and although the gym is spacious, there’s no dedicated floor space area.

The only gym toys I found were one skipping rope and one looped resistance band.


I found that Avengers Gym in Hat Yai was very good value for money. It was well equipped with free weights and reasonable cardio equipment. Whilst equipment was showing some signs of ageing (aren’t we all?!), most of it was in good condition.

What was missing was regular pin-operated resistance machines and any functional equipment and dedicated floor space. If you’re happy using free weights and cardio equipment, you can get a great workout on a budget here. But take plenty of water and a towel to mop yourself up with.

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Avengers Gym, Hat Yai

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