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Archway Leisure Centre Gym, London

Archway Leisure Centre Gym

Archway Leisure Centre Gym, London

MacDonald Road, London, N19 5DD


Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 630-2130, Sat: 830-1800, Sun: 830-2130

Click here for a Free Pass , then select “Islington” and “Archway Leisure Centre”.
Cost otherwise: Reception quoted me £10 for a day pass to the club when I asked, but I noticed the website states a slightly higher rate of £12.40 for non-members.


This Archway gym is conveniently situated just 1-2 minutes away from Archway tube station.


Archway Leisure Centre gym is located upstairs, with a functional training room on the floor above that. The gym is medium-large and well-equipped with a wide range of cardio machines, including treadmills, crosstrainers, lateral trainers, bikes, steppers and rowing machines.

As the centre hosts a large pool, you’ll find separate wet and dry changing rooms. However the female dry one was out of order whilst I was at the club and the wet one was, well, wet. And busy. Take a £1 coin for the lockers (refunded afterwards), as well as your own towel.


The weights section has dumbbells up to 36kg along with several benches, but no fixed weight barbells. There are however a couple of adjustable bars (straight and curled) in addition to a Smith machine and a squat station. There are also several benches with adjustable bars, both inclined and flat.

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Functional Training

The functional training room upstairs is excellent with a large amount of floor space, thick comfortable mats, medicine balls, Swiss balls, foam rollers, punch bags, gloves and pads, TRXes, kettlebells, heavyweight tyre and plyo boxes.

There are also numerous Spinning bikes up there for general use.


This Archway gym also puts on many 30 minute circuit classes and 15 minute core classes throughout the week.

Summary of Archway Leisure Centre Gym

Archway Leisure Centre gym is very good and well worth getting a free pass to; no awkward questions asked. As it was fairly busy (but still comfortable) at 11am on a Tuesday morning, I’d recommend not going at peak times if you want to get on equipment without waiting.

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Archway Leisure Centre Gym, London

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