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Antiguas Gym, Antigua

Antiguas Gym

Antiguas Gym

House number 31, street 6a Calle Poniente, Antigua


Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 5:00-21:30, Sat: 7:00-17:00, Sun: 8:00-15:00

Cost: Q.35 for day, Q.110 for a week.


Antiguas Gym is a medium-large facility, central to Antigua. It is conveniently located just a couple of blocks to the west and one block south of Parque Central / Plaza Mayor.


Great facilities, very strange layout! Antiguas Gym is built around the border of the studio, with cardio machines doubled up around the edges – a rather unusual format but it does work! These include treadmills, cross trainers and rowing machines.

There is plenty of floorspace in the centre when the studio isn’t in use, and when it is, some of the smaller rooms at the sides would certainly suffice.

You’ll find two showers and two toilets in the Ladies (and so presumably in the gents too!). The changing rooms are clean and there is hot water – don’t turn the tap on full power though.

Although there are lockers, these were all padlocked shut, and when I asked, I was informed they are for private use only, ie not for me. There are numerous cubbyholes at two locations in the gym, but these are not secure so keep anything valuable on you.

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There is a sink with a tap in the middle of the gym which I was informed runs purified water. I’m pleased to say I haven’t been ill yet.

Whilst the layout is not the easiest to navigate for a first-time user of the club, there is certainly more equipment than first meets the eye – you just have to go looking for it. Whilst the main rooms have fans, the smaller rooms at the sides do not. At 7am when I first trained, it was however a reasonable temperature though it would have benefited from better ventilation.


Most free weights and some resistance equipment are also located around a more spacious part of the border of the studio, but there are additionally several smallish rooms leading off to the sides where you can find extra weights, benches and a good variety of functional training equipment, including BOSUs, Swiss balls, mats, rollers, cradles and medicine balls.


The studio is central to the building, without walls to separate it. Classes include Dance, Taebo, Abs, Zumba, Bootcamp and Functional Training.

There is a separate cycling studio with classes and further extensive cardio machines behind it.

TRX Training

TRX Training


If you’re likely to use a gym more than a couple of times, Antiguas Gym is my top choice in Antigua! Allow a few minutes extra for hunting for what you’re looking for at first. Very similar facilities to Scandinavian Gym, but Antiguas Gym’s weekly rate is cheaper. I found the location was ideal in the centre of town.

Antiguas Gym also has more character to it and after I’d been to each of these two gyms once, it was Antiguas that I chose to join for the week. Happy training!

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Antiguas Gym, Antigua

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